Angus Stoke BBQ & Kitchen

Regardless of whether you grill with coal or gas, quality is what counts for you. Because we think the same way and love good products, we founded Angus Stoke, the brand for high-quality barbecue aprons made of real leather. We rely on the best materials, good workmanship and a clear design. This means you stand by the fire in style and perfectly protected, whether inside or outside.
Quality is what counts! From the selection of the leather to the processing of the seams and the materials, quality is the main focus at Angus Stoke.

We have invested a lot of time in the various stages of the manufacturing process, from finding the best parts to the elegant finish. An effort that is worth it and that you will feel.
Beautiful is good. Beautiful and practical is better! Timeless design is good design. Add to that a lot of love for the small details and we have Angus Stoke’s design philosophy. But because we are also practical men, we always add to our products the things that you really need when working on the grill. Be it a pocket for the lighter (or beer bottle), a ring for the kitchen towel or a carabiner for the grill tongs.

Good price, best performance! At Angus Stoke we make leather aprons that are high quality, unique in design and inexpensive. Quality is not just lip service for us! If, despite all our efforts, you are dissatisfied with one of our products, do not hesitate to write to us. We will find a solution. Our customers are important to us even after the purchase.