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No matter whether you grill with charcoal or gas, quality counts for you!
Because we think the same way and love good products, we founded Angus Stoke, the brand for high-quality barbecue aprons made of real leather. We rely on the best materials, good workmanship and a clear design. This means you can stand by the fire in style and perfectly protected, whether inside or outside.

Grill culture meets Grill-Couture

BBQ culture has experienced a huge renaissance in recent years. Crews around the world compete in various categories to be crowned kings and queens of the grill. Working on the grill has long since become a science in itself. Starting with the equipment, where traditional grilling methods such as the smoker meet the latest sous-vide techniques, through to choosing the right marinades and rubs, through to the special wood and the optimal meat.

The adjustment screws for the special result are almost endless! A great symbiosis of tradition and modernity around the most archaic element of all – the flame!
But of course it is about more than perfectly cooked grilled food, it is about community, conviviality and also about looking good, making a statement and giving the event a worthy setting.

We at Angus Stoke want to be part of this experience, which is why we offer special products for one of the most beautiful things in the world. We combine fine materials and good workmanship with that special something. We offer high-quality leather barbecue aprons and knife bags that will give you a lot of pleasure for a long time, and which are designed to develop a patina over the years like a good pair of blue jeans and thus only get better.

Our Promise
At Angus Stoke we make leather aprons that are high quality, unique in design and also reasonably priced. Quality is not just lip service for us! If, despite all our efforts, you are ever dissatisfied with one of our products, do not hesitate to write to us. We will find a solution. Our customers are important to us even after the purchase.

The space miracle

The “Bob” utility grill apron is the battleship among our grill aprons.
Three large pockets, a wide leather clamp and a brass ring for the kitchen towel make the apron a real space saver. With the apron made of high-quality buffalo leather, you always have your hands free and are perfectly protected from splashing grease and flying sparks. Thanks to the adjustable straps and the strap included, the grill apron can be worn close to the body or loosely. Find your own style!

To the product

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As a kitchen and grill brand, we focus entirely on what we do best and that is our products. For this reason, we have consciously decided against our own fulfillment and only sell and ship to end customers via Amazon. This means we can offer our customers the shortest delivery times possible through Amazon Prime. Visit us in our brand shop on Amazon.

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